Brighton Personal Training is a male and female team based at Pure Gym and Fitness Hub, Brighton. The foundation of the business thrives from a passion in changing people’s lifestyles through fitness and nutrition.

We all pride ourselves on delivering unique training along with constant support.

All team members specialise in a wide range of areas, so to get to know the team click below.


Health and fitness is my main love in life, I have experienced being underweight and carrying more weight than I should be. Through becoming fitter and increasing muscle I’ve learnt how to be confident and happy with my body. I want to give everyone the opportunity to feel like this. By increasing your knowledge in nutrition and training hard we’ll get you the results you want – no maybes allowed.

I have one aim and that is to make you happy, whether that be by losing weight, increasing muscle mass or increasing your overall fitness levels. Together we can make a plan specific to your lifestyle, time and body and we’ll reach, if not exceed, your goal.

Being the female in our team I specialise in helping women understand the importance of weight training and a good diet. I have created a team of women who support each other and have 24/7 access to my advice and support. This group is available to all clients as a way of helping them find friends within the fitness environment.

I found my passion for fitness when I entered the fitness industry as a semi-professional football player for 10 years. During this time I gained valuable experience on training methods, excercise adaptions and injury prevention.

I was once the young stereotype boy, with the crazy metabolism which made any sort of weight gain a challenge. However by learning the value of training and understanding how my body works I have been able to create the physique I wanted. Having the knowledge and experience to help other people do this is why I’m in this industry.

Using my knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the years, I make sure all my clients achieve what we have set out. Being versatile with our sessions will keep the body guessing and not adapting to a set regime.


If you have any questions are queries feel free to contact me on 07801517122 or fill in the form below and I will get back to ASAP.

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