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I've had weekly sessions with Arni for just 6 weeks and although a relatively short space of time, I cannot rate him highly enough.

Right from the get go, Arni really listened to what I wanted to achieve (build upper body muscle, tone and slim down) and talked me through how we would get there together.

We formulated a plan incorporating different workouts for each muscle group, alongside nutrition, and it's already paying dividends.

Arni is very personable, easy going and dedicated to his profession.

I would absolutely recommend Arni for anyone looking for a knowledgeable and fun PT.


I’ve always struggled staying motivated to go to a gym, and typically after a few weeks with no change in my appearance, I would just stop exercising completely. I was unable to achieve the results I wanted and there was no one to give me an extra push when I needed to stay on the right track.

I was recommended to try and get a PT. I came across Arni’s Instagram page and I decided to give it a shot and booked 10 classes with him. This is my week 4 working with him and its been the best money I’ve spent on myself. I’m already starting to see progress towards my body change. Thanks to Arni, I’m finally enjoying exercise and I feel positive about my future. If you want to see a change in yourself, I highly recommend working with him.


Trained with Arni for 18 months at Pure Gym in Brighton - professional at all times and kept me motivated. Made me feel comfortable when starting for the first time and explained how to use equipment correctly and how to get the most out of them. Arni worked with me by changing my workouts regularly to keep me interested. Definitely recommend.


No matter what your goals are, Arni will help you achieve them! I have trained with him for a few months and I had quickly noticed the improvement in my body. He's truly passionate about his job, which makes the whole experience even better!


Arni has an extremely personal approach to working with his clients. He takes time to work with you to build a suitable plan based on your current dietary needs, your body type and your approach to training. He'll push you but allow you to enjoy training and let it bring value to your life. I dropped some weight and started finding training improved my mental health after training with Arni! 5 Stars.


I trained with Arni for just over a year. Arni is a great PT. He is motivational, encouraging and inspiring. I always looked forward to our sessions together knowing that he would push me to do more than I ever would be myself. He was always very aware and very kind.


I have been working with Arni for 5 months and have never enjoyed exercise so much. 

He is a great trainer who has helped me achieve goals I didn't think possible. The sessions we have are always varied and interesting which helps to keep me constantly engaged and motivated to do more. He encourages and pushes me further than I would myself. 

Not only that he offers advise regarding nutrition and ways to improve fitness outside of the gym. His fitness expertise allows him to give effortless support in improving the way you want to look and feel as well as recover. He really goes the extra mile whether that's writing out exercise plans for you to do in your own time or sending out nutritional information. 

I've thoroughly enjoyed working with him and will continue to do so. I can't recommend Arni highly enough. If you want someone to help improve your over all fitness whilst making it fun and engaging then look no further. 


The first thing you think about when someone says personal trainer tends to be "What if I can't do it", or "I'm too embarrassed to ask for help", well that's how I felt before I contacted Arni.

I guess I should have known the clue is in the title, PERSONAL trainer.  If you are looking for someone that is a bit different from the usual "get on with it" mentality then you won't find anyone more interested in you and what your ultimate goals are.  You need to feel you can trust your trainer so that they develop you at a pace that challenges you, yet doesn't switch you off.  That's exactly what I have found.  In 12 months I have completely transformed my body.  Not only have I lost weight, but more importantly I have toned and been expertly guided on my nutrition and lifestyle to give me more confidence and to have masses of more energy.

Listening carefully to what you want to achieve, working with you to ensure you are using the right equipment, monitoring your progress and keeping in touch regularly to check how things are going outside sessions makes Arni a role model for any personal trainer. He is both pleasant and extremely knowledgable. Having watched him with both sexes and all body shapes and ages he really has attention to detail. The best thing to do is talk to him like I did, you will soon be booking your first session and achieving that body you dreamt of.

Anyone can visit a gym, but only motivated people will see results, I can honestly say I would not be the person I feel currently if it wasn't for Arni and his amazing coaching. I can't praise him enough.


Since the day I decided that I needed to change my eating habits and my body I only had 2 personal trainers: the one that helped me to start and most important, the one that helps me to keep going, who is Arni. 

I've been training with Arni for nearly an year and a half and I can say that the journey has been amazing. During the first 2 months we accomplished the double that I achieved with my first PT (also in 2 months) and with his help I keep seeing changes not only on my body but also my confidence. 

So, not only he has been helping me to achieve my goals  but also motivating me to go over my comfort zone, set new goals and never give up, even when it gets hard. 

There is no question that I highly recommend Arni, as I cannot see myself training with someone else. 

He varies the sessions, finds the perfect exercises to help you achieve your goals, takes into account your limitations, helps you to overcome your difficulties and at the same time encouraging you to keep going and don't give up. I cannot recommend him enough.


Training before Arni was boring and I would do just the bare minimal to say "i have been to the gym" but with little results.

I have now been working with Arni as a Personal Trainer for last 3 months. When I started I was a size 38 waist and I am now size 34 waist &  I feel stronger, more confident and have a lot more energy to go about my daily life. 

He has advised me on my diet and introduced me to several amazing new ways of exercising which I immediately found challenging yet fun giving me the motivation to attend the gym more without being a chore. When working out pushes you hard to reach your ultimate goal whatever that might be.

I would have had no hesitation in recommending him to family, friends and colleagues.


After a long absence from the gym I wanted to get back to it. Found low motivation and boredom on the treadmill was hampering my efforts so I scanned the list of trainers from the gym. I chose Arni as he had quite a bit more info on his own website.  
We have had a few sessions now, he is of course always on time and really friendly. Despite this he doesn't let you get away with a half rep. I'm pleased so far with the results despite my time pressures and I will be continuing on with arni for more sessions. He has that unique skill of being able to coax you along where you want to do the reps rather than barking orders at you. Very clear on making sure your technique is good and provides the info you need to go it alone next time in the gym. I'm looking forward to the beach body in due course. 


He has taught me a range of different exercises and training methods that are very effective. A good personal trainer and a very nice guy. 

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