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Welcome to the home of Personal Training in Brighton. My name is Arni, I've been a Personal Trainer for over 10 years. Using my knowledge and experience I've gained over the years, I help men and women lose weight without being too restrictive and sacrificing the foods they love. 


I offer 1-2-1 Personal Training from PureGym Central, Personal Training at your home and online coaching.


The foundation of the business thrives from a passion in changing people's lifestyles through fitness and nutrition. I pride myself on delivering a high standard of training, along with constant support and guidance.





Joining the gym was the easy part. Maintaining the enthusiasm and drive needed to achieve my goals was always going to be the biggest struggle.

Arni has helped me enormously. His honest and knowledgeable approach has changed my idea of training from being just another task, to something enjoyable, challenging and incredibly rewarding.


If you are thinking about pushing yourself to the next level (no matter where your base level is), I could not recommend Arni more highly.

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Arni is a wonderful trainer, as a woman I was intimidated to go into the weight area.

Working with Arni gave me the confidence to work out in all areas in the gym. He is personal and incredibly knowledgeable, really pushes you to do your best.
I can highly recommend him. He is committed and flexible, the best personal trainer anyone new or experienced could train with.



I have been working with Arni for over 7 years and he has made a big difference to my fitness and body strength. He is an enthusiastic and motivating trainer who keeps the sessions interesting and varied whilst taking you onto another level.  I can't recommend Arni enough, he's a great personal trainer.



I started training with Arni 5 years ago with the initial goal of weight loss. I had been training by myself but needed a push to really get moving. Since working with Arni I have lost over 45 pounds, hitting a weight loss goal for the first time ever. As a result of his professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm I have come to love weight lifting and have seen my strength improve beyond what I ever thought I was capable of. He has pushed me to train harder than I ever would by myself, building my knowledge of nutrition along the way and keeping sessions varied and above all fun. I can't recommend him highly enough!



Arni is a very friendly and approachable trainer, who has great knowledge of fitness and exercise.

He is able to use these skills to offer an achievable and accessible route to better health and fitness.

Since I've been training with Arni he has encouraged and pushed me to achieve far more than I could on my own or even imagine I was capable of. It has also been fun!



If you have any questions are queries feel free to contact me on 07801517122 or fill in the form below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you, I'll be in contact ASAP.

© 2020 by Brighton Personal Training.

Brighton, United Kingdom


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